By working closely with our customers and suppliers we go the extra mile to ensure that our products have the least environmental impact possible. As an environmentally conscious company, Kingfisher Packaging is committed to reducing the impact that all our activities have on the environment and we recycle all our waste wherever possible. Having achieved the globally recognised environmental accreditation ISO: 14001: 2004, Kingfisher Packaging can help you with product minimisation and consolidation, finding ways to reduce your impact on the environment. By promoting the use of sustainable products we encourage our customers to protect our planet. Call us today with the confidence that we can provide the environmentally sustainable packaging solution you require.

  • Paper voidfill dispenser box

    Actuspack® Crumpler Mini

    Actuspack® Crumpler Mini is an innovative dispenser box containing 100% recyclable voidfill paper. A quick, easy and portable packaging solution!

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  • Sprick Paper Voidfill Systems

    The SpeedMan and PaperJet systems impress through their easy operation, high level of productivity and efficiency. Particularly flexible and compact, they can be individually integrated in every packing station. 


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  • Actuspack® All-Paper Document Wallets

    The Actuspack® range of 100% paper document enclosed wallets provides a genuine plastic-free alternative to make sure the shipping documents arrive safely with the goods.

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  • Cardboard Plant Trays

    Increase your sales and keep products tidy with these environmentally friendly, strong, easy-to-assemble, low-cost picking trays.

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  • Omegatech® LOOP-100 Hi-Strength 100% Recycled Pallet Wrap

    Omegatech® Loop100 is a high strength 100% recycled and fully recyclable pallet wrapping film that offers outstanding performance and pallet stability, whilst helping to reducing the issue of single-use plastics.

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  • Actuspack 100% Recyclable Paper Pallet Wrap with box

    Actuspack® 100% Recyclable Paper Pallet Wrap

    Actuspack® Paper pallet wrap is a durable material that is easy to handle and can achieve excellent load stability on every pallet.

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  • Actuspack Heavy Duty Bottle Pack

    Actuspack Heavy Duty Bottle Pack

    Offering superior shock and impact resistance, this all paper bottle pack is quickly becoming the eco-friendly, 100% paper packaging solution for many beverage and pharmaceutical retailers.

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  • Biodegradable Bubble Wrap - 500mm Wide Small Bubble

    Biodegradable Bubble Wrap

    Protect your products from damage and protect the planet from harmful waste plastic with our new oxo-biodegradable bubble wrap.

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  • Actus Premium Protective Cardboard Layer Board

    Actuspack Protective Pallet Layer Boards

    These boards are simply placed on top of a pallet before loading and then interleaved between each layer of boxes as the pallet is loaded. This helps to protect and lock the goods together on the pallet.

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  • Omegatech Biodegradable Miniwrap Bundling Film Main Image

    Omegatech® Biodegradable Miniwrap Bundling Film

    This oxo-biodegradable miniwrap film offers fantastic load retention properties and with guaranteed roll length, it gives you total peace of mind, knowing that your products will be safe during transit whilst protecting the planet from waste plastic.

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  • Omegatech Biodegradable Pallet Wrapping Film

    Omegatech® Biodegradable Hi-Strength Pallet Wrap

    This oxo-biodegradable pallet wrap film offers fantastic load retention properties and with guaranteed roll length, it gives you total peace of mind, knowing that your products will be safe during transit whilst protecting the planet from waste plastic.

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  • Omegatech Eco Blue Band Pallet Bands

    Pallet bands are the secure, fast and cost-effective method of increasing pallet stability and preventing damage to your products.

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  • Actuspack Paper Crumpler Wall Mounted Dispenser

    Actuspack Paper Crumpler with Cutter

    The Actuspack Paper Crumpler provides a packing medium with excellent cushioning, shock absorption and void fill properties. This packing system takes the roll of hi-bulk Actuspack paper and crumples it into an effective packaging material to protect your goods from damage.

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  • Do not Stack Cone

    Do Not Stack Cones

    Do Not Stack Cones are a simple yet highly visual and cost-effective way to protect pallets and goods from damage due to overstacking, with multilingual print, making it a perfect product for use in all markets.

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  • Edge Board Cutter

    Cardboard Edge Board Cutter

    The edge board cutter is the safest, fastest and most efficient way of cutting cardboard edge protectors to the exact length required, providing a professional finish for your packages and pallets.

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  • Gummed Paper Tape

    Gummed Paper Tape

    Gummed paper tapes are excellent for sealing cartons and other materials in a more environmentally friendly way, whilst offering the same level of security and strength as standard packaging tape.

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  • Paper Bags

    Paper Bags

    Paper bags are an excellent item for all types of retail environments. These bags suitable for general food use, can help to add a touch of class to your customer experience and can also be printed for increased brand awareness.

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  • Paper Wipes

    Paper Wipes

    Paper wipes are another cleaning essential for every warehouse and production facility. We stock a range of high quality paper products including centre-pull and hand towels that will be suitable for most applications.

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  • Strung Tags

    Strung Tags

    Our strung tags are made from thick card with reinforced eyelets. Easily attached, strung tags provide package identification as well as opportunities for branding and advertising. If you require a certain colour to match your corporate branding or to create a unique package aesthetic, please contact us.

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  • Paper Dispenser

    Paper Dispensers

    Kingfisher Packaging stock a selection of paper dispensers suitable for all paper products. Counter roll dispensers help you keep a tidier and better work area.

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  • Printed Tissue

    Tissue Paper

    Kingfisher Packaging stock an exceptional range of coloured tissue papers. Our selective range of tissue packing papers are perfect for giving your products a nice final aesthetic. We also can produce fantastic printed tissue paper that can be customised to your design, to make your brand stand out.

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  • Kraft Paper

    Kraft Paper

    Kraft paper covers a wide range of papers from Kraft packaging paper, waxed paper, floor protection paper and Kraft union and VCI papers. All our Kraft products are available on  rolls or as cut sheets. They are very cost effective, hard wearing and suitable for a variety of applications.

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  • Postal Tubes

    Postal Tubes

    With an extensive range of sizes, our postal tubes are the ideal method for carrying posters, large documents, photos or plans without worrying about creases or damage. Complete with plastic end caps, our lightweight cardboard tubes are cost effective and provide a reliable and strong postal solution.

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  • PROPAK® Notched Cardboard Edgeboards

    Notched edgeboards are an effective way to provide excellent protection to curved edges. These are ideal for use on products such as tables and chairs as well as circular objects like metal drums or a large rolls of material as it stops the edges from being scratched or damaged.

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  • Propak Cardboard Edgeboards on pallet

    PROPAK® Cardboard Edgeboards

    Our cardboard edgeboard systems are a cost-effective way of reinforcing and stabilising pallets when double-stacking of boxes or edge protection is required. Made from recycled waste board and highly adaptable edge boards are the ideal complement to strapping and stretch film packaging.

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  • Corrugated Paper Rolls

    This corrugated cardboard on the roll is an excellent cushioning and protective medium. Ecorap also gives excellent results when used for wrapping, interleaving, bracing and a whole host of other uses.

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  • Solid Board Boxes

    Solid-board Boxes

    Our range of solid board boxes are the ideal solution for presentation and display of retail items. They are also useful for storage of small components and they can be custom printed to your requirements to offer the best display options for your products.

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  • Pallet Boxes

    Pallet Boxes

    We supply pallet boxes with or without heat treated timber pallets. We can also supply reusable plastic pallet boxes for shipping heavier items and to help you reduce packaging waste. We can create custom sized pallet boxes for your specific requirements.

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  • Postal Boxes

    Postal Boxes

    We supply a complete range of postal boxes for mail order companies and distributors. Our range is designed to offer you the maximum available protection for your goods whilst meeting the pricing in proportion requirements for Royal Mail to maximise efficiency when posting goods.

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  • Custom Postal Box

    Custom Made Boxes & Printed Boxes

    We can provide custom manufacturing of both printed and plain boxes. Whether you need a branded box or a specific size or shape, our team can create and deliver small to large order runs for all products – offering total flexibility.

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  • PROPAK Secure™ Packaging

    We can create and supply innovative cardboard/film packaging systems for the secure transportation of valuable or fragile goods. We work with you to create a 1-3 piece kit and can offer full consultancy to ensure ultimate protection for your products.

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  • Cardboard Boxes

    We hold large quantities of stock boxes for packaging and shipping in a variety of shapes and sizes – allowing short lead times on orders. Corrugated cardboard cartons, pallet sized boxes, packing boxes and mail order boxes are amongst the products in our range.

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  • Maxtape Masking Tape

    Maxtape Masking Tape

    Maxtape masking tape is an excellent choice for most masking purposes and is also available as a low-bake tape for drying applications up to 80ºC. Easy to apply and remove, leaving no residue on the product.

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