Sprick Paper Voidfill Systems

Looking for environmentally friendly packaging and transportation protection for your products? Then Sprick Paper Systems from Kingfisher are for you.

  • Fast way of securing fragile and valuable products within boxes.
  • High level of productivity and efficiency.
  • Particularly flexible and compact, they can be individually integrated in every packing station.

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    Increase protection, reduce damage & speed up your process with these innovative paper filling and cushioning systems.


    When it comes to environmentally friendly packaging and transportation protection for your products, Sprick Paper Systems from Kingfisher provide the ideal solutions for every need. We enhance your logistics process by offering you innovative system solutions designed for use in securing fragile and valuable products within boxes. The SpeedMan and PaperJet systems impress through their easy operation, high level of productivity and efficiency. Particularly flexible and compact, they can be individually integrated in every packing station. 




    SpeedMan Classic


     – for ergonomic integration directly in the packing station


    The SpeedMan Classic is the practical paper dispenser from the SpeedMan system family. It can be individually adapted to your packing station, allowing you to assume a perfect working position and pack filling and cushioning material directly into the carton. The SpeedMan Classic is a power and maintenance-free solution, so disruptions are removed from the packaging process. Operation is easy. Simply pull out the required amount of paper (a Blue Angel award winner), tear off and fill the package – and the job is done.


    The filling volume achieved with the SpeedMan Classic is equivalent to approximately 70 times the original volume. This saves storage space and packaging costs. The SpeedMan Classic can be employed to pack anything. Whether large, small, heavy, light, thick, thin or fragile – your product is securely packed with eco-friendly recycled paper.











    SpeedMan Basic


     – easing the workload in the packing station

    The SpeedMan Basic is a compact electrically powered filling system for consignors who wish to speed up things through automation. An efficient entry-level model, the system accelerates filling of cartons for product protection. The SpeedMan Basic is operated with a pedal switch, making it user-friendly. Its high feed velocity of 1.5 metres per second means that users with a low material requirement can also accelerate shipping processes.


    Thanks to its compact design, the SpeedMan Basic can be integrated without difficulty in the smallest of spaces in exisiting packing environments. The SpeedMan roll can be positioned appropriately on the mounting of a variety of frame versions or placed directly on a shelf. Perfect ergonomic conditions can be created on the packing table with the SpeedMan Basic, thanks to its individual integration options.















    SpeedMan Flex


    small and ergonomic, with teaching function

    The SpeedMan Flex is a high-speed paper filling system for diff erent paper qualities. It is extremely variable, ideal for decentralised use and, where space is very restricted, can be integrated particularly eff ectively in existing workstations. It is the most rapid system available, producing fi lling material at speeds of up to 2.8 m/s. The SpeedMan Flex has a cutting function and can also be operated in extraction mode. Delivery lengths can be entered directly at any time in the workstation using the teaching function – with no programming necessary.


    With a choice of two attachments (for the SpeedMan roll or ComPackt paper), it enables the fl exible use of different paper qualities to suit requirements. The paper is a Blue Angel award winner being manufactured as 100% recycled paper for you as part of one of our Eco-friendly solutions.

















    PAPERJET fit


     – compact, convenient & individually programmable

    The PaperJet Fit produces narrow, extra-strong embossed padding from a length of 10 cm that is particularly suitable for your smaller packages. The system impresses through its extremely compact design, with reduced dimensions that make it perfect for integration in existing processes.


    Removal, supply or continuous mode can be selected to suit your needs using the display included in the scope of delivery. Continuous selection of both the speed and padding lengths is also possible. Convenient operation is also a priority when it comes to the automatic paper intake fuction, with the feed button making it user friendly. Undesired production interruptions are elimated, as the special conveyor technologoy employed prevents paper jams. The eco-friendly paper used is 100% recycled – and a Blue Angel award winner.



















     – individual programming and variable integration

    Innovative patented cutting technology make the PaperJet the speediest paper cushioning system on the market and, consequently, particularly suitable for professional consignores dealing with regular shipping volumes involving major quantities.


    PaperJet can be easily integrated, thanks to its compact design. It saves storage space and packaging costs and is easy to operate. Supplied with multiple integration options, including height adjustment, under-table and delivery transfer possibilities, adapting perfectly to your on-site conditions. Loading intervals for the ecofriendly paper are reduced to a minimum and particularly easy, as the PaperJet can be equipped with an endless pallet of ComPackt fanfold paper.