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Paper Products & Wrapping

We have a variety of paper products and wrappings for use during transit, storage and display. From imitation kraft paper and pure kraft paper to coloured and printed tissue paper, we can supply you with all the paper packaging and wrappings that you require.

Our specialist paper range can be used to increase the aesthetic appeal of your packaging, to wrap fragile items such as glass and china or to stop tarnishing with metal products. It is perfect for protecting breakable items and shielding them from knocks and abrasions whilst on the move.

Below you can find our comprehensive range of paper products from varying types of kraft paper to coloured tissue paper. If you have specific needs or would like a certain size or a bespoke design, please do not hesitate to contact Kingfisher Packaging by calling +44 (0)1823 653400 or emailing

  • Actuspack Paper Crumpler Wall Mounted Dispenser

    Actuspack Paper Crumpler with Cutter

    The Actuspack Paper Crumpler provides a packing medium with excellent cushioning, shock absorption and void fill properties. This packing system takes the roll of hi-bulk Actuspack paper and crumples it into an effective packaging material to protect your goods from damage.

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  • Actuspack 100% Recyclable Paper Pallet Wrap with box

    Actuspack® 100% Recyclable Paper Pallet Wrap

    Actuspack® Paper pallet wrap is a durable material that is easy to handle and can achieve excellent load stability on every pallet.

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  • Actuspack® All-Paper Document Wallets

    The Actuspack® range of 100% paper document enclosed wallets provides a genuine plastic-free alternative to make sure the shipping documents arrive safely with the goods.

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  • Paper voidfill dispenser box

    Actuspack® Crumpler Mini

    Actuspack® Crumpler Mini is an innovative dispenser box containing 100% recyclable voidfill paper. A quick, easy and portable packaging solution!

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  • Paper Bags

    Paper Bags

    Paper bags are an excellent item for all types of retail environments. These bags suitable for general food use, can help to add a touch of class to your customer experience and can also be printed for increased brand awareness.

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  • Sprick Paper Voidfill Systems

    The SpeedMan and PaperJet systems impress through their easy operation, high level of productivity and efficiency. Particularly flexible and compact, they can be individually integrated in every packing station. 


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  • VORAÜS. Roll Dispenser Stand with Cutters for Poly & Paper - VOR452

    VORAÜS. Roll Dispenser Stands & Cutters

    With many packaging materials being supplied in large, bulky rolls, the Voraüs range of roll dispenser stands and cutters help to increase efficiency and output in the packing room.

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  • Kraft Paper

    Kraft Paper

    Kraft paper covers a wide range of papers from Kraft packaging paper, waxed paper, floor protection paper and Kraft union and VCI papers. All our Kraft products are available on  rolls or as cut sheets. They are very cost effective, hard wearing and suitable for a variety of applications.

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  • Corrugated Paper Rolls

    This corrugated cardboard on the roll is an excellent cushioning and protective medium. Ecorap also gives excellent results when used for wrapping, interleaving, bracing and a whole host of other uses.

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  • Gummed Paper Tape

    Gummed Paper Tape

    Gummed paper tapes are excellent for sealing cartons and other materials in a more environmentally friendly way, whilst offering the same level of security and strength as standard packaging tape.

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  • Printed Tissue

    Tissue Paper

    Kingfisher Packaging stock an exceptional range of coloured tissue papers. Our selective range of tissue packing papers are perfect for giving your products a nice final aesthetic. We also can produce fantastic printed tissue paper that can be customised to your design, to make your brand stand out.

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  • Paper Dispenser

    Paper Dispensers

    Kingfisher Packaging stock a selection of paper dispensers suitable for all paper products. Counter roll dispensers help you keep a tidier and better work area.

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Kingfisher are one of the leading packaging paper suppliers in the UK. We supply a comprehensive variety of packaging paper and wrappings. With our extensive stock level and short lead times on our products, we can accommodate your specific requirements. We can help you find the solution for your packaging needs, please contact +44 (0)1823 653400 or if you prefer, email us on and one of our friendly team members will be happy to assist you.