Cardboard Plant Trays

Increase your sales and keep your products tidy with these environmentally friendly, low cost, cardboard picking trays.

  • Strong, reusable & 100% recyclable, protecting the planet and the products.
  • Low cost, allowing customers to keep their products together, giving a better customer experience without costing you a fortune.
  • Easy to assemble, saving you space in storage but rapid to fold from a flat sheet into a usable tray.

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    Durable Cardboard Trays for Plants, Produce, Picking & Bakery Products

    Increase your sales and keep products tidy with these environmentally friendly, strong, easy-to-assemble, low-cost picking and plant trays.


    Plant Trays

    In the plant shed, offer these trays to your customers to place bulbs and potted plants into as they shop, making it easy and clean to carry the plants they want to the checkout. Once purchased, they can place the whole tray into their vehicle, keeping it clean from soil and moisture, offering a better customer experience, increasing sales and keep your customer coming back.






    Produce Trays

    At the Fruit & Veg stand, remove your polythene bags or plastic carriers and replace them with a reusable and recyclable cardboard produce tray, helping to protect the environment as well as the products.








    Bakery Trays

    And in bakery, why not switch from the expensive metal or plastic buffet trays, and move over to a low cost cardboard bakery tray, that is easy to assemble, can be written on with a marker pen and can be left with a client without costing you a fortune.









    The trays are supplied in a flat sheet format, saving valuable space, and can be assembled in a matter of seconds into a strong, multi-purpose picking and storage tray.

    Looking to increase brand awareness? These trays can also be printed with your logo and contact details, or we can supply custom labels for you to apply when needed.


    There are 1000’s of uses for these plant trays, what will you use yours for?