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An Update for Kingfisher Packaging on COVID-19

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Kingfisher Packaging is part of the essential supply network and we are open and fully operational to continue serving our customers, especially in the Medical, Food, Drinks, Military and Industrial markets.

Throughout the whole company, our dedicated team members are observing the required sanitisation and social distancing guidelines, with some office staff working remotely where possible. However, the business operation and renowned service remains unchanged.

Kingfisher is acutely aware of the necessity to maintain a strong supply chain to support our operations. Our suppliers form an integral part of this and we are working closely with them to ensure continuity of supply. We are monitoring stock and production on a daily basis to deliver your orders safely and on time.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you need any further information or if your company has modified its operations or contact details.

You can be assured of our continuing support at this challenging time and we will update you with any changes as necessary.

From the team at Kingfisher, we wish you prosperity and good health.

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Omegatech® Biodegradable Miniwrap Bundling Film

Looking for an eco-friendly alternative to traditional miniwrap? Then here it is. Omegatech® Bio Mini is a high strength oxo-biodegradable bundling film that offers outstanding wrapping tension but is able to break down in natural conditions, helping to reduce the world-wide issue of plastic waste.

  • Oxo-Biodegradable Formula – Reduce the impact on the environment whilst providing protection for your products.
  • Guaranteed Roll Length – Peace of mind, no short length rolls.
  • High Strength Film – Extremely tough film for secure wrapping.
  • Reduce Environmental Impact – Protect wildlife habitats and keep the countryside cleaner.
  • Fully Recyclable – Protecting the environment as well as your products, using polymers that are widely recycled around the world.

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Biodegradable Miniwrap Bundling Film


Biodegradable Miniwrap

Omegatech Biodegradable Miniwrap Bundling Film Main Image

High strength film with oxo-biodegradable formula is the product of choice for those wanting to seriously reduce the impact their company has on the environment.

With excellent wrapping tension and guaranteed roll length, this film gives you total peace of mind, knowing that your products will be safe during transit whilst protecting the planet from waste plastic.

The Oxo-biodegradable miniwrap bundling film uses a specialist formula, complying to relevant industry standards that allows the film to break down in natural conditions after 2-3 years.




Very fast and easy to use, helping to speed up your packing process.

Helps to reduce the impact on the environment whilst providing protection for your products.


Multi-purpose, used for bundling, wrapping, securing and protecting a vast range of products.


The Eco-friendly alternative, helping to protect
the planet from
waste plastic.


Available in 100 Miniwrap core and works
with all Omegatech miniwrap dispensers.





 Biodegradable Miniwrap Description  Code  Box Qty.
 Clear Biodegradable Miniwrap (100mm x 150m)  OMBFBIO  24
 Miniwrap Dispenser Handles  OMDISP-MH  Single




Key Benefits



Oxo-Biodegradable Formula
Conforming to the recognised industry standards, this film helps to reduce the impact on the environment whilst providing protection for your products.




Guaranteed Roll Length

Making sure you get what you pay for. Unlike many pallet wrapping film rolls on the market, Bio offers a guaranteed roll length, giving you total peace of mind that there will be no short length rolls.




High Strength Film
Extremely tough formula allows the film to be applied with huge tension levels without the film breaking, ensuring excellent package stability and security.




Reduce Environmental Impact
No one likes to see plastic waste in hedgerows or on the coast, and this film is helping to change that. The innovative formula allows the film to biodegrade helping to protect wildlife habitats and keep the countryside cleaner.




Fully Recyclable
As well as reducing the amount of film used, the polymers used to make the film are widely recycled around the world, ensuring that you are protecting the environment as well as your products.









Meet Corporate Social Responsibility Goals

















Did you know? By using Omegatech Bio, you can achieve the same great results as the other high-performance miniwrap films, but also helps to protect the environment from waste plastic.

Why wait – prove the benefits of using Omegatech Film today.



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