Plastic Free & Eco Friendly Packaging Range

Reduce your impact on the environment with our ever-growing range of environmentally friendly packaging products. From all-paper packaging solutions to biodegradable pallet wrap, we have the “eco” alternative for nearly every requirement. Make sure you do your bit to protect our planet for the future generations.

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Spiral Wrapping Machinery & Systems

Spiral wrapping machines are an excellent development in the packaging world and the benefits are continually increasing. These versatile, compact and semi and fully-automated machines are the perfect addition to any packing line, allowing you to massively improve packing speeds and reduce the necessary workforce in the packing line, whilst protecting your goods in a very efficient and effective way. Explore the Range

Supplying Unrivaled Quality and Service with All Our Packaging Products

As one of the largest independent packaging suppliers in the UK, Kingfisher Packaging stock and supply exhaustive ranges of packaging materials and equipment.

Included in the range are cardboard boxes, packaging tapes, protective packaging, pallet wrap, polythene, postal packaging, packaging machinery, strapping, paper products, labels and custom made packaging.

Whatever your requirements, we look forward to working with you… let us impress you.