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Boxes & Cardboard Products

Here at Kingfisher Packaging we are passionate about boxes and cartons! With over 40 years of experience in the supply of cases and cardboard products we provide our customers with one of the widest ranges in the UK.
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We supply a world class range of quality adhesive packaging tape, parcel tape, specialist tape and printed tape, along with case sealing machinery and dispensers.
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Protective Packaging

Our extensive range of protective packaging products and systems are designed to meet even the most demanding of requirements. Our expert sales team will be pleased to help achieve optimum protection for your products.
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Pallet Wrap & Shrink Wrap

We play a key part in the distribution of both hand and machine pallet stretch film. We stock a wide variety of pallet wrap (also known as spin wrap) and shrink wrap including different width and colour variations.
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Polythene Packaging

Here at Kingfisher Packaging we have all types of polythene products available from stock from layflat tubing and heavy-duty bin liners to resealable plastic bags and covers.
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Postal Packaging

We understand the need for quality postal packaging to help prevent damages in transit. Whether it’s tubes, bubble bags or polythene sealable bags, we have it all.
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Strapping & Strapping Systems

Our range of strapping systems reduces the time it takes to strap each pallet or parcel, making them extra strong and stable as well as making parcels easier to handle, saving you time and money.
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Paper Products & Wrapping

We supply a comprehensive variety of paper packaging and wrappings. These include products for use during transit, storage and display.
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Labelling & Tagging

Labelling and Tagging products are vital components to ensure that the right packages get to the right place, in perfect condition.
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Warehouse & Packing Room Accessories

To compliment our packaging supplies, we also have an extensive range of Warehouse & Packing Room Accessories available from stock to help you with all your warehouse operations.
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Retail Packaging & Janitorial

In addition to the wide range of transit packaging materials, we continue to provide everything our customers need to maximise the impact of their product and their workplace.
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Custom Packs & Special Applications

Kingfisher Packaging have the ability and expertise to work alongside your marketing and operation teams to develop and affordable, creative and effective packaging for your products.
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  • Edge Board Cutter

    Cardboard Edge Board Cutter

    The edge board cutter is the safest, fastest and most efficient way of cutting cardboard edge protectors to the exact length required, providing a professional finish for your packages and pallets.

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  • Do not Stack Cone

    Do Not Stack Cones

    Do Not Stack Cones are a simple yet highly visual and cost-effective way to protect pallets and goods from damage due to overstacking, with multilingual print, making it a perfect product for use in all markets.

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  • X-Fill Void Fill Machine

    Nuevopak Paper Void Fill Packaging Systems

    The X-Series range of innovative paper void fill and protective paper packing machines are revolutionising the way products are packed and protected. With excellent cushioning and shock absorption, this environmentally friendly method of packaging is fantastic for a wide range of products.

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  • Omegatech FS 220 Friction Weld Strapping Tool

    This heavy-duty battery powered friction weld strapping tool offers the fastest and most efficient way of applying high tension PP & PET strapping to boxes, pallets and many other items, offering excellent product security.

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  • PW 850 Robotic Pallet Wrapping Machine

    Omegatech® PW 850 Robotic Pallet Wrapping Machine

    Struggling to get all the pallets wrapped and ready for dispatch? Then the PW 850 is for you. This compact, self-propelled machine will consistently wrap pallets faster and better than by hand and allows your team to get on with more important tasks.

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  • Paper Bags

    Paper bags are an excellent item for all types of retail environments. These bags suitable for general food use, can help to add a touch of class to your customer experience and can also be printed for increased brand awareness.

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  • Printed Pallet Wrap

    Custom printed pallet wrap is a fantastic way to display your brand message and protect your goods at the same time. Available in many widths and thicknesses, we have the perfect solution for your requirements.

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  • VORAÜS. Roll Dispenser Stand with Cutters for Poly & Paper - VOR452

    VORAÜS. Roll Dispenser Stands & Cutters

    With many packaging materials being supplied in large, bulky rolls, the Voraüs range of roll dispenser stands and cutters help to increase efficiency and output in the packing room.

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  • Neleo 90 Spiral Wrapping Machine

    NELEO Semi-Automatic Spiral Wrapping Machines

    The Neleo Range of semi-automatic spiral wrapping machines offers the correct machine for every application. With maximum wrapping diameters from 500mm to 2500mm, these machines can wrap anything from small metal profiles to large industrial products and even furniture.

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  • Selden Cleaning Chemicals

    Selden is an industry leading brand of cleaning chemicals that will help you to keep the workplace clean and safe. As a major distributor of these products, we stock a wide range of chemicals to suit most applications.

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  • Atis 50

    ATIS Fully-Automatic Spiral Wrapping Machines

    The Atis Range of fully-automatic spiral wrapping machines offers the correct machine for every application. With maximum wrapping diameters from 500mm to 2500mm, these machines can wrap anything from small metal profiles to large industrial products and even furniture.

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  • Omegatech® Intersoft Protective Foam Wrap

    The Omegatech Intersoft range is a solvent and silicone-free high strength foam packaging material that offers long term protection for products. It is particularly suited for sensitive products and those with coated surfaces for protection against scratches and abrasion.

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  • Artemis 50 Spiral Wrapping Machine

    ARTEMIS Spiral Wrapping Machines for Round Products

    The Artemis Range of semi and fully-automatic spiral wrapping machines for round products offers the correct machine for every application. With wrapping diameters of 500mm and 900mm, these machines can wrap anything from small coils of wires to large hoses and even tyres.

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  • tenso plastic strapping

    Plastic Strapping

    Tenso polypropylene strapping is lightweight and flexible, making it easy to apply to a range of goods. The high strength of Tenso strapping makes it suitable for a wide variety of applications and is available in hand or machine rolls.

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  • Hand Palletwrap

    Our range of hand palletwrap is ideal suited to most industrial applications. With high performance films and innovative manufacturing methods, our pallet films allow for more efficient and cost effective wrapping.

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  • Bubble Bags

    Pre-formed bubble bags are an excellent way to protect your products from damage. With the built-in self-seal strip, the bags can be securely sealed and the product is held inside, preventing it from becoming loose during transit.

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