Actuspack Heavy Duty Bottle Pack

Offering superior shock and impact resistance, this all paper bottle pack is quickly becoming the eco-friendly, 100% paper packaging solution for many beverage and pharmaceutical retailers.

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  • Superior shock and impact resistant properties protect your bottles from damage, reducing extra costs of re-shipping and customers complaints.
  • Fast to assemble and pack, increasing efficiency in the warehouse and providing the customers with an excellent unboxing experience.
  • Eco-friendly, 100% paper packaging solution allows you to protect the planet as well as your products.
  • Very cost effective solution for all bottle types, providing one packaging solution for your whole range.


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    Efficient, Secure, Superior Protection and 100% Paper Bottle Pack

    Offering superior shock and impact resistance, this all paper bottle pack is quickly becoming the eco-friendly, 100% paper packaging solution for many beverage and pharmaceutical retailers. Fast to assemble, easy to pack and offering incredible protection for glass bottles, this pack is the perfect eco alternative to the traditional plastic airbags, increasing efficiency and providing a very cost-effective solution.


    • Plain outer wrap for increased security and reducing the risk of pilferage.


    • Supplied flat with pre-scored folds and cuts for rapid assembly.


    • Takes all standard bottle sizes up to 355mm high with 105mm diameter.


    • No two-part packaging inserts – folds up directly from one sheet, reducing storage space needed for stock holding.


    • 100% paper-based packaging solution – protect your product and the planet!


    • Easily fits within Royal Mail Small Parcel sizing – reducing shipping costs.


     Description  Code  Size (Outer Measurements)  Pallet Qty.
     Actuspack Heavy Duty Bottle Pack  ACBP100  380mm x 125mm x 125mm  420




    “The Actuspack all paper bottle pack is much faster to assemble that our traditional methods of packing, we now use less tape to seal the packs and the finished boxes stack perfectly in storage or on a pallet, making our busy dispatch area a more efficent and steamlined department.”

    Purchasing Director – Online Drinks Retailer



    How Does The All Paper Bottle Pack Work?
    The Inside Look

    Cut Open Box for inside view


    Actuspack - The Outer Wrap

    The Outer Wrap:

    Tough multi-layer cardboard with simple folding design & locking flaps creates a secure outer box, offering superior protection at every point.






    Actuspack - The Bottle

    The Bottle:

    Any standard size and shape bottle up to 355mm high and with a maximum diameter of 105mm, suiting most glass drink and medicine bottles.






    The Voidfill:Actuspack - The Voidfill
    Actuspack Paper Crumpler with heavy-duty brown paper prevents movement inside and provides a cushion around the bottle that can absorb extreme impacts.
    Dispenser:        ACPCR
    Paper:               ACPCR-BR





    Actuspack - The Locking Tabs

    Locking Tabs:

    2 secure locking tabs make the box assembly very fast and efficient, speeding up the packing process and increasing the security of the package.






    Actuspack - The End Flaps

    End Flaps:
    The specialist design ensures multiple layers create a very durable shock-absorbing buffer zone for the bottle’s most vulnerable points.






    Actuspack - The Seal

    The Seal:

    Multiple options are available including:
    • Water Activated Paper Tape
    • Water Activated Reinforced Paper Tape
    • Self Adhesive Paper Tape
    • Hot Melt Glue




    Would Your Current Packaging Survive Falling 5 Metres?

    After a series of simulated and real-life tests, the Actuspack Heavy Duty Bottle Pack lived up to its reputation. Easily passing industry-standard drop tests up to 760mm, the R&D team took it further. With varying drops up to 5 metres high, this pack can keep 75cl and 1L glass bottles in perfect condition. And that’s the reason why this plastic-free option is quickly becoming the packaging of choice for many online pharmaceutical & beverage retailers.

    Actuspack Heavy Duty Bottle Pack - All Drop Tests



    Fast Packing Method
    Clean and Durable Materials

    Actuspack Heavy Duty Bottle Pack - Fast Packing Method 2




    Versatile and Effective
    Offering Excellent Protection for All Standard Bottle Sizes

    Actuspack Heavy Duty Bottle Pack - Versatile & Effective


    It Really Is That Strong!

    Actuspack Heavy Duty Bottle Pack - Very Strong



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