PROPAK Secure™ Packaging

Are you looking to save time and reduce product damage in transport? If yes, this innovative range of products could be your solution.

  • High strength, puncture resistant film holds product securely in place and is ideal for fragile and sensitive products
  • Offers ultimate protection for your goods, reducing product damages whilst in transit
  • Very fast assembly allows for increased efficiencies and reduced costs

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Propak Secure is the perfect way to stop your goods from being damaged in transit and to present your products in a way that creates a fantastic customer experience. With rapid assembly and excellent product protection, Propak Secure offers the perfect solution for mailing a vast range of goods from glass bottles to laptops to electrical components. The innovative design includes a high strength, puncture resistant film that either moulds tightly over the product or holds the product between two layers of film, stopping product damage, even if the package is dropped. See how it works below. To find out more, please contact us on +44 (0)1823 653400 or email Watch our videos below to see how it works! Video 1


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