Omegatech® PW 850 Robotic Pallet Wrapping Machine

The PW 850 robotic pallet wrapping machine is leading the way in making the end-of-line packing process more efficient.

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  • Simply attach the film and press start, the machine does the rest.
  • Saves huge amounts of time and resource in the warehouse department.
  • Ideal  for most industries, reducing the risk of operator injury and subsequent claims.

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Omegatech® PW 850 Robotic Pallet Wrapping Machine


See it in action in the video below



PW 850 Robotic Pallet Wrapping MachineThe Omegatech® PW 850 Robotic Pallet Wrapping Machine is quickly becoming the machine of choice in many industries handling a high volume of palletised goods. With storage space at a premium, this compact machine allows operators to wrap a large number of pallets without the need of the traditional pallet wrapping machines that take up valuable storage space.

The PW 850 is an extremely simple machine to use, with a highly visual control panel and motion controls, the machine is moved to the pallet with the guide wheel pressing against the flat edge, the film is the tied on and the machine will do the rest. This creates a huge time-saving in the packing area and allows the operator to get the next pallet ready for wrapping.

Capable of wrapping with all types of Omegatech® machine wrapping films, the PW 850 is fully programmable to wrap any type of pallet with consistent security, something that is very difficult to achieve when wrapping by hand.






  • Dimensions: W: 690mm x L: 1060mm x H: 2100mm
  • Weight 250Kg
  • Max. pallet height: 2100mm
  • Min. pallet dimensions: 600mm x 600mm
  • No Max. pallet width or length
  • Wraps approx. 320 pallets per charge (W: 800mm x L: 1200mm x H: 1500mm)
  • 8 hours to full charge




Side and back forklift lifting points with a hinged column for transport

Robotic Pallet Wrapping Machine


The robotic pallet wrapping machine mast can easily and quickly be folded down to fit in standard size racking.

Forking points to allow the machine to be moved to over longer distances or to different floor levels without risk of injury or damage to the machine







Reduce the risk of injury to warehouse operatives

Robotic Pallet Wrapping Machine

Reduce the risk of back damage or repetitive strain injury caused by wrapping by hand.

Allows staff to get on with more important tasks in the warehouse and creates greater efficiencies.









Advanced safety features for Operator protection

Robotic Pallet Wrapping Machine


Safety bumper cuts power to the machine if knocked, protecting the machine and staff from harm.

Motion signal lamp and sounder to reduce the risk of injury and to tell the operator when the wrapping has been finished.








Fully Programmable

Robotic Pallet Wrapping Machine


Many different wrapping options available for all types of pallets and applications.

Adjustable speeds, tension, reinforcement wraps and pallet height detection.









Wraps with All Omegatech® Pallet Wrapping Films

Robotic Pallet Wrapping Machine


All Omegatech films fit perfectly on to the film carriage and are easy to thread through the rollers, making the setup process very fast and efficient.










Capable of Wrapping Pallets of Any Size

Robotic Pallet Wrapping Machine


Odd sized pallets that are difficult to wrap? The PW 850 is the perfect machine for you. Due to the simple but clever mechanism this machine uses, it is capable of wrapping oversized pallets of any length or width.










Long-Lasting Batteries with Extra Fast Charge Times

Robotic Pallet Wrapping Machine


Wraps up to 360 standard sized pallets per charge

Plugs into a standard 240V/13A socket with an 8hr full recharge time.