Omegatech® Machine Pallet Wrap

Omegatech® Machine pallet film to wrap your pallets faster and more efficiently.

  • Innovations like pre-stretched film allow for more efficient wrapping
  • Equal weight and size to standard rolls but with increased length due to high performance films
  • Helps to eliminate inconsistency in wrapping and creates secure loads that can be safely transported

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    Kingfisher stocks a range of palletwrap machine rolls for use on our Omegatech® palletwrap machines. These include black and clear film on standard and pre-stretched film rolls to suit every application. Coloured film is also available to help with sorting pallets or to represent your brand colours.

    Our pre-stretched films allow the film to be applied to the pallet with very little lay-on force, meaning that it easy to wrap light objects such as empty bottles without the goods toppling.


    Advance Clear Machine Film

    Omegatech Advance Machine Pallet Wrap

    The same excellent film on a machine core with 3000m or 2100m on the roll.


    This film works fantastically with the PW 1000, PW 850 & Dart pallet wrapping machines, helping to create efficiencies in the packing process.


    Pallets can be wrapped very fast, the film contracting as it is applied creating a high-level of tension.

    Extra long rolls mean less changes and less downtime.


    Wrapping with a machine allows warehouse teams to spend more time doing the important things, freeing up human resources in your operation.






     Advance Machine Pallet Wrap Descriptions  Code  Pallet Qty.
     Clear Machine Film  OMA23500  46
     Clear Machine Film  OMA30500  46





    Omegatech® Pro Machine Films

    Omegatech Pro Machine Pallet Wrap

    Perfect for all types of standard pallet wrapping machines, such as the PW 1000 or PW 850, creating a highly secure wrap on every pallet.


    With high puncture resistance and impressive stretch levels, this film will increase efficiencies in your warehouse, with less downtime, giving you total peace of mind.











     Omegatech® Pro Machine Film Descriptions  Code  Pallet Qty.
     Omegatech® Pro 500mm  OMPRO  30
     Omegatech® Pro 500mm Opaque Black  OMPROB  30




    Omegatech® Power Machine Films

    Omegatech Power Black Machine Pallet WrapSuitable for pallet wrapping machines with a power pre-stretch film carriage, including the PW 1250.

    This film has incredible stretch memory, allowing the machine to apply the film in its stretched state using very little force.

    The film then shrinks back to its original state, making it ideal for securely wrapping lightweight pallets without the goods toppling over.











     Omegatech® Power Machine Film Descriptions  Code  Pallet Qty.
     Omegatech® Power 500mm  OMPOWER  30
     Omegatech® Power 500mm Opaque Black  OMPOWERB  30