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Pallet Wrapping Accessories

  • Actus Premium Protective Cardboard Layer Board

    Actuspack Protective Pallet Layer Boards

    These boards are simply placed on top of a pallet before loading and then interleaved between each layer of boxes as the pallet is loaded. This helps to protect and lock the goods together on the pallet.

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  • Edge Board Cutter

    Cardboard Edge Board Cutter

    The edge board cutter is the safest, fastest and most efficient way of cutting cardboard edge protectors to the exact length required, providing a professional finish for your packages and pallets.

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  • Confi-Grip palletwrap inserts Hero Image

    Comfi-Grip Palletwrap Roll Insert Dispensers

    Comfi-Grip™ Palletwrap Insert Dispensers paired with a roll of Hi-performance pallet wrapping film creates the ultimate pallet wrapping combination.

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  • Omegatech Eco Blue Band Pallet Bands

    Pallet bands are the secure, fast and cost-effective method of increasing pallet stability and preventing damage to your products.

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  • Do not Stack Cone

    Do Not Stack Cones

    Do Not Stack Cones are a simple yet highly visual and cost-effective way to protect pallets and goods from damage due to overstacking, with multilingual print, making it a perfect product for use in all markets.

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  • Propak Cardboard Edgeboards on pallet

    PROPAK® Cardboard Edgeboards

    Our cardboard edgeboard systems are a cost-effective way of reinforcing and stabilising pallets when double-stacking of boxes or edge protection is required. Made from recycled waste board and highly adaptable edge boards are the ideal complement to strapping and stretch film packaging.

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  • PROPAK® Notched Cardboard Edgeboards

    Notched edgeboards are an effective way to provide excellent protection to curved edges. These are ideal for use on products such as tables and chairs as well as circular objects like metal drums or a large rolls of material as it stops the edges from being scratched or damaged.

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