Selden Cleaning Chemicals

Our Selden chemical range is a hand-picked selection of highly effective chemicals for business use.

  • Available in larger containers
  • Stronger concentrates than what you would find in a retail product
  • Chemicals for all applications to keep workplace clean and hygienic, from the office to the warehouse

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    Selden is an industry leading brand of cleaning chemicals that will help you to keep the workplace clean and safe. As a major distributor of these products, we stock a wide range of chemicals to suit most applications.

    Please see our full range below:

     Product  Code
     Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Pump Bottle  JCF-C053
     Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Pocket Size  JCF-C207
     Luxury Pink Liquid Hand Soap  JCF-C038
     Washing Up Liquid Detergent  JCF-C071
     Pine Disinfectant  JCF-E002
     Fragrant Thick Bleach  JCF-E011
     Lemon Multi Purpose Floor Cleaner  JCF-F010L
     Thick Toilet Cleaner / Sanitiser  JCF-H005
     Aerosol Telephone Sanitiser  JCF-K004
     Aerosol Lubricating Maintenance Spray  JCF-K033
     Aerosol Fabric Foam Cleaner  JCF-K139
     Aerosol Graffiti Remover  JCF-K176
     Aerosol Furniture Polish  JCF-K293
     Aerosol Electrical Cleaner  JCF-K420
     Aerosol Fast Drying Solvent Cleaner  JCF-K421
     Aerosol Silicone Lubricant  JCF-K422
     Automatic Air Freshener Dispenser inc. Batteries  JCF-P033
     Citrus Auto Air Freshener Refill  JCF-KSD3
     Cranberry Auto Air Freshener Refill  JCF-KSD4
     Sub Zero Concentrated Screen Wash  JCF-M015
     Concentrated Traffic Film Remover  JCF-F071
     Bathroom Cleaner Trigger Spray  JCF-T002
     Kitchen Cleaner Trigger Spray  JCF-T003
     Window & VDU Cleaner Trigger Spray  JCF-T006
     “Swarfega” Hand Cleaner  JCF60