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Voidfill Systems

  • Actuspack Paper Crumpler Wall Mounted Dispenser

    Actuspack Paper Crumpler with Cutter

    The Actuspack Paper Crumpler provides a packing medium with excellent cushioning, shock absorption and void fill properties. This packing system takes the roll of hi-bulk Actuspack paper and crumples it into an effective packaging material to protect your goods from damage.

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  • X-Fill Void Fill Machine

    Nuevopak Paper Void Fill Packaging Systems

    The X-Series range of innovative paper void fill and protective paper packing machines are revolutionising the way products are packed and protected. With excellent cushioning and shock absorption, this environmentally friendly method of packaging is fantastic for a wide range of products.

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  • Airtech 2000 with Quilt Airbags

    Airtech Protective Air Cushions

    With high quality machines and performance films, Airtech air cushions are a fast and efficient way to create your own packaging voidfill on demand, saving you huge amounts of storage space and reducing product damages and returns.

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  • Papertech Protective Paper Padding

    Papertech padding is an effective and more environmentally friendly way of providing excellent protection for your goods whilst in transit. The range of high quality machines are ideally suited to meet different usage requirements.

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  • Loosefill

    Biofil and Fastfil are clean and dust-free loosefill products that are easy to use and provide excellent protection. The interlocking shape allow that product to be held in place in the box which increases shock absorbency.

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  • Bags of Wood Wool


    Woodwool is a 100% natural and sustainable loosefill that is ideal for packing delicate items. It is also often used as hamper lining as it provide excellent protection for glass bottles and jars and allow the products to be presented well.

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