Wrapflex® Duramail Mailing Sacks

Wrapflex® Duramail Mailing Sacks are the environmentally friendly option for make sure your products are well protected and arrive safely with your customer. Made from minimum 50% recycled material, without compromising on security and durability, these mailing bags are the perfect option for you. 

  • Made from a minimum of 50% recycled polythene and 100% recyclable, making them a great environmentally friendly option for your mailing department.
  • Co-extruded formula provides extra security and durability, reducing damages in transit and customer returns. 
  • Instant grab adhesive and completely opaque material keeps your products safe and secure from prying eyes.

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    Wrapflex® Duramail Mailing Sacks are 100% recyclable and have a minimum of 50% recycled polythene too, resulting in a great environmentally friendly and sustainable way forward in your packaging process. 

    Wrapflex® Duramail Mailing Sacks are made with the highest quality materials. Designed with a co-extruded formula, the multiple layers result in an extremely strong and durable sack. They are also lightweight, allowing a very cost effective way of sending your goods, whilst helping save on shipping costs, ideal for E-commerce fulfilment. 

    Wrapflex® Duramail mailers also have an instant grab adhesive, keeping your products secure for the whole of their journey and providing an anti-tampering seal. This also results in keeping your products safe from the elements such as rain and direct sunlight.

    The material is also 100% opaque so the products inside will not be visible, providing security for your products, keeping them hidden from prying eyes. 




     Wrapflex® Duramail Mailing Sacks  Size  Code  Box Qty.
     Code 0   152 x 229mm  WFDM0  1000
     Code 1   229 x 318mm  WFDM1  1000
     Code 2   305 x 406mm  WFDM2  500
     Code 3   330 x 483mm  WFDM3   500
     Code 4   432 x 560mm  WFDM4   500
     Code 5   483 x 737mm  WFDM5   250
     Code 7   711 x 584mm  WFDM7   200
     Code 9   700 x 800mm  WFDM9   200