Papertech Protective Paper Padding

Papertech provides an effective packaging medium that is economical and environmentally friendly.

  • Strong and durable packaging that can be used for cushioning and bracing your goods to reduce damages
  • Fast and easy to use, helping to reduce packing times
  • Reduce your transportation costs by using this lightweight packaging material

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    Papertech protective paper padding is an effective and more environmentally friendly way of providing excellent protection for your goods whilst in transit.

    Within the Papertech range are many types of paper and machines for different applications such as cushioning and voidfill. Therefore, we can certainly provide you with solution to make sure that you products arrive at your customer in perfect condition.

    Papertech machines are straightforward, durable, and always ready to use. With minimal set-up needed, the machines are ideally suited to “start/stop” and “pick and pack” operations and can be fully integrated into automated packing lines.

    Papertech also offers your customers a great experience and creates a professional appearance when the customer first opens the box.

    The paper pads are also great for companies that are conscious about their effect on the environment and maybe have an eco-friendly brand reputation.