Omegatech® Xtreme 25 All Weather Core Pallet Wrap Film




Omegatech® All Weather Plastic Core pallet wrapping film is the only option for industries and environments that are damp, dirty, outdoors and rugged. With all the fantastic benefits of the Xtreme 25 film and a heavy-duty plastic core, you can achieve excellent pallet stability, whatever the weather.

  • Xtreme Strength – Unique hi-strength formula allows the film to be applied with huge tension levels without the film breaking.
  • Plastic Core – Never worry about the roll getting wet, reducing wastage and downtime
  • Puncture Resistance – reduce downtime in the packing line and film wastage.
  • Minimal Neckdown – Maximise efficiency, cut costs and reduce plastic waste.
  • Guaranteed Roll Length – Making sure you get what you pay for.
  • Fully Recyclable – Both the core and the film are protecting the environment as well as your products, using polymers that are widely recycled around the world. The Core is also made from recycled plastics.

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    Xtreme Hi-Strength Pallet Wrapping Film

    Hi-Strength Pallet Wrapping Stretch Film With Plastic Core

    Xtreme® 25  All Weather Plastic Core

    The ultimate film for use outside in all weather conditions without the core becoming damaged or ineffective by moisture.

    Xtreme® 25 all-weather core pallet wrap film can be used outside in all weather conditions without core becoming wet or unusable. Using the same hi-performance film grade as the Xtreme® Clear, this could be the strongest all weather pallet wrapping film on the market. Commonly used in industries such a fish and frozen foods, building supplies, food growing and farming, this film withstands the elements and delivers excellence every single day!

    The Xtreme® 25 film is the perfect pallet wrapping stretch film for industrial environments. With fantastic tension levels and minimal neckdown, you can drastically reduce your film usage and still send out every pallet with excellent stability.



    No more wasted roll due to soggy cores, keeping packing costs to a minimum.

    Can be left outside in the elements without ruining the rolls, ensuring you always have a roll on hand.

    Ideal for use in wet environments such as fish and frozen food packing, builders yards and fields.

    Using the same hi-performance grade Xtreme® 25, this really is a highly versatile wrapping film.

    Out-performs any “standard” or “heavy-duty” pallet wrapping films from 12mμ to 25mμ

    Guaranteed roll length for total peace of mind that you get what you paid for


    Reduced downtime and wastage, cutting your operational costs and positively impacting the profit margin


     Xtreme® 25 Descriptions  Code  Box Qty.  Pallet Qty.
     400mm x 300m Extended Core  OMX25AWC  6  360



    Key Benefits



    Xtreme StrengthOmegatech Xtreme 25 All Weather Core Pallet Wrapping Film in the Snow
    Unique hi-strength formula allows the film to be applied with huge tension levels without the film breaking, ensuring excellent load stability and very secure pallet contents.




    Guaranteed Roll Length
    Making sure you get what you pay for. Unlike many pallet wrapping film rolls on the market, Xtreme® offers a guaranteed roll length, giving you total peace of mind that there will be no short length rolls.




    Puncture Resistance
    High puncture resistant properties mean the film can be applied to goods with sharp edges and corners without breaking, reducing the wasted time in the packing line and driving down costs.




    Minimal NeckdownOmegatech Xtreme 25 All Weather Core Pallet Wrapping Film in the Field
    More efficient use of film compared to traditional stretch wrap, allowing you to cut packing costs, reduce plastic waste, create a faster wrapping process and lessen the impact on the environment.




    Fully Recyclable
    As well as reducing the amount of film used, the polymers used to make the film are widely recycled around the world, ensuring that you are protecting the environment as well as your products.




    Do you buy on Price or Cost? By using Omegatech® Pallet Wrapping Stretch Film, our customers have seen their wrapping costs reduced by up to 80%

    Why wait – prove the benefits of using Omegatech Film today.



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