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Packaging Tapes

  • E-Tape Packaging Tape

    E-tape packaging tape is the ultimate solution for increasing efficiency in your packing process. With the 150m roll and unique dispenser gun, you can save time, money and storage space as well as reducing downtime, making it ideal for high volume usage.

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  • Gummed Paper Tape

    Gummed Paper Tape

    Gummed paper tapes are excellent for sealing cartons and other materials in a more environmentally friendly way, whilst offering the same level of security and strength as standard packaging tape.

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  • Denva Packaging Tape

    Denva is an excellent all-round packaging tape with a unique adhesive system that provides excellent bonding strength and optimum performance every time. Custom printing is also available to increase your brand awareness.

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  • #222222

    Texus Packaging Tape

    Texus packaging tape offers excellent performance in most conditions and can be applied to nearly any surface. With high-tack adhesive, this tape can help to create efficiency in your packing line, especially if you are packing irregular products.

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  • V-Pro Packaging Tape

    V-pro vinyl tapes are made from premium grade PVC for heavy duty applications. With excellent adhesion and slow release, these tapes are ideal for the more discerning packer. They also offer great resistance to humidity and temperature changes.

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