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Industrial & Specialist Tapes

  • Social Distancing Printed Floor Marking Tape

    This highly visual 3-colour floor marking tape creates and clear reminder about social distancing and helps customers and staff to maintain the government guidelines. Easy to apply and very hard wearing, it is perfect for high footfall areas and perfects for creating queing positions and people flows.

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  • Double Sided Tape

    This high-strength double-sided tissue tape is for perfect for achieving a secure bond on most surfaces. Being easy to cut to length and quick to apply, it is a practical tape that is ideal for heavy-duty applications.

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  • Gummed Paper Tape

    Gummed Paper Tape

    Gummed paper tapes are excellent for sealing cartons and other materials in a more environmentally friendly way, whilst offering the same level of security and strength as standard packaging tape.

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  • Maxtape Masking Tape

    Maxtape Masking Tape

    Maxtape masking tape is an excellent choice for most masking purposes and is also available as a low-bake tape for drying applications up to 80ÂșC. Easy to apply and remove, leaving no residue on the product.

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  • Trojan Cloth Tape

    Trojan cloth tape is a versatile tape that offer excellent performance under virtually any conditions and is even waterproof, making it a very useful tape in most industries. With a generous layer of adhesive, it performs well in outdoor applications.

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  • Xtraweave Woven Tape

    Xtraweave tape is an excellent high-strength and tear-resistant tape for all heavy duty applications. It can be used for reinforcing boxes and banding heavy items.

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  • Surface Protection Tapes and Films

    Using surface protection tape and film is an effective way to protect finished and painted surfaces from scratches and abrasion, reducing product damages and returns. It also can be printed for greater brand awareness.

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