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Edge Protection

Packaging corner protectors provide a strong and stable edge protection for boxes and products where there is a need to ensure sharp items or impact doesn’t damage the box or the product.

We offer plastic and cardboard corner protectors and edgeboards as well as notched cardboard edgeboards suitable for curved packages.

These systems are designed to maximise the protection offered to your products during transportation and offer much better protection than standard cardboard box edges. Corner protectors are suitable for all types of packaging with plastic being mainly used for hard square edges such as windows, worktops or large white goods and cardboard edges used for the majority of other uses.

For any advice on which type of corner protectors you need please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to recommend the most suitable products for your individual requirements.

  • Edge Board Cutter

    Cardboard Edge Board Cutter

    The edge board cutter is the safest, fastest and most efficient way of cutting cardboard edge protectors to the exact length required, providing a professional finish for your packages and pallets.

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  • Propak Cardboard Edgeboards on pallet

    PROPAK® Cardboard Edgeboards

    Our cardboard edgeboard systems are a cost-effective way of reinforcing and stabilising pallets when double-stacking of boxes or edge protection is required. Made from recycled waste board and highly adaptable edge boards are the ideal complement to strapping and stretch film packaging.

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  • PROPAK® Notched Cardboard Edgeboards

    Notched edgeboards are an effective way to provide excellent protection to curved edges. These are ideal for use on products such as tables and chairs as well as circular objects like metal drums or a large rolls of material as it stops the edges from being scratched or damaged.

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  • Plastic Corner Protectors

    Plastic edge protection is suited for packing where corners need added protection. Applications include doors, worktops, picture frames and similar products but are highly versatile . Our range even includes expandable edge protectors to minimise your packaging stock requirements.

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