Do you own a business that ships products to customers? Packing is an essential part of the order fulfilment process and when it is undertaken properly and with the right approach, it not only increases sales, but most importantly increases customer satisfaction. But how can you use your packaging to improve customer satisfaction?

Businesses who ship products often overlook the importance of well designed product packaging. Every little detail counts and it is so important that you create the right impression on your customers. The design and quality of packaging often represents the customer’s expectations of the product. If the packaging is well presented and of a high quality, then it gives the impression that the products inside will be too.

Make it Personal
One of the best ways that you can increase customer satisfaction is to incorporate personal touches into the packaging. This could for example be a handwritten note or gift thanking the customer for their order, a small free sample that they would really appreciate or some customised packaging. When a customer receives their order, they should feel like it was packaged just for them and delivered by a warm, friendly business rather than a cold, distant corporation. Adding a personal touch will always be appreciated by your customers.

Make it easy to use
Innovative packaging should focus on safety and quality. Specifically, businesses should look at how easy the packaging is to open and if needed, reclose and reseal. Importantly, consider how well the packaging works to preserve the quality of the product during transit and whether it works well to keep the product secure while it is being shipped.

Always over deliver
One of the best ways that you can increase customer satisfaction with their order is to offer incredible value and over deliver. This will make customers more appreciative of your brand. Using techniques to over deliver you are effectively stating that you place customer satisfaction high up on your priority list.

Customer expectations are increasing all of the time. Every element of an order needs to be of the highest standard, from the materials used to package the products through to the actual products themselves. Never fail to invest in your packaging. It is one of the best strategies that you have to maximise exposure for your brand and create a great impression amongst your customers. Satisfied customers will often return for future purchases and customer retention and loyalty should be your key focus.