Packaging is key when it comes to illustrating your brand, its values and encouraging brand loyalty. Your product packaging ultimately represents your brand, and so you want it to cultivate your brand in every way possible, even at first glance.

Read on to find out how to get across your brand on every piece of product packaging.


Colours are vital when it comes to creating a brand identity, and so it is imperative you incorporate your branding colours into your packaging design. All of the legendary brands have their own signature colour combinations and palettes, so ensure that your brand does too, and that it is translated onto your packaging.


It is absolutely essential you include your logo on your product packaging as without it, consumers won’t actually know who they are buying from. Whether it’s big or small, it is crucial you have it on the front of your packaging, so it is easily to identify on the retailers shelves. Make sure, however, that it doesn’t detract too much from the name of your product – ultimately, when a customer is browsing in a shop, they are looking for specific items, not brand names.


The fonts and typography used on your packaging can also contribute to illustrating your brand and so it’s vital you choose a selection of fonts that fit your brand, and ensure you use these across all of your packaging.


Consistency is something that can make and break a brand. If you don’t have a consistent brand identity across all of your outlets (be that social media, your website, your logo, your advertising, your packaging) then it will confuse potential customers and put them off being loyal to your brand. Even if you sell several different products under the same brand, ensure you keep the packaging similar in style so that it is easy to identify your products for a browsing customer.


One thing that makes some brands stand head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to branding is by injecting some personality into their packaging. Obviously, it depends on the personality of your brand how far you want to push this, but some highly successful food and drink brands add personality to their packaging with little additions to their copy such as ‘Keep me in the fridge’ or ‘Make sure you recycle me’. These little additions can make all the difference.