See how quick and effective the Kingfisher Neleo 125 Spiral Wrapping Machine deals with a range of products in our informative videos. We have designed each one to answer some frequently asked questions and queries. In turn, they also provide you with a visual demonstration into just how easy this effective machine is at performing its job.

Suitable for all manner of different industries, the Neleo 125 has a customisable design. Browse through the videos below to witness it professionally packaging a selection of different products. From round coils through to a Christmas tree, it has a functional versatility that promises to improve efficiency and reduce unnecessary workloads in your business. Our expert team clearly demonstrate each wrapping stage with safety and precision – allowing you to fully understand how the 125 works without having to visit our showroom.

Kingfisher Packaging are proud of the high-quality products and machines we produce. Our wrapping machines are built to last and take up minimal floor space for more compact work environments. They are quick to set-up, easy to function and provide everything you need for wrapping and packing in one place. Browse our short videos here today and discover just how practical the Neleo 125 is.

If you have any questions or queries, feel free to contact our friendly and experienced team. As leaders in the world of professional packaging, we are always there to give advice and support to help you make the right decision.

Neleo 125

Watch our demonstrative video to see just how easy the Neleo 125 Semi-Automatic Spiral Wrapping Machine is to run. In this overview, we show how quickly and efficiently it can wrap everything from slim panels through to bulkier products in minutes. Learn whether this machine is suitable for your business needs.

Neleo 125 wrapping Coils & Round Products

For circular products, watch as the Neleo 125 Semi-Automatic Spiral Wrapping Machine professionally wraps coils and other round products in minutes. With minimal assistance, it applies a protective and secure film layer to each product. This clear demonstration shows just how easy this compact machine is to use for any business.

Spiral Wrapping a Christmas Tree

Here, we show how effective the Neleo 125 Semi-Automatic Spiral Wrapping Machine is at wrapping unusual products - such as a Christmas Tree. Watch as it quickly and professionally applies a protective film layer, keeping the tree in pristine condition for the upcoming journey. Learn how this versatile machine could help you.