Watch our informative videos below to discover just how functional the Kingfisher Atis 90 Spiral Wrapping Machine could be for your business. Our professional packaging machines are designed to improved efficiency and give a smart finish every single time. In these videos, we demonstrate just how quickly it can be programmed to wrap a variety of different products – regardless of the shape or size.

Using our expert workforce, we are able to show the Atis 90 at work. This compact and hard working machine can be customised to suit any industry. Whether your product is round, boxed or slim, we have built the 90 to deal with all kinds of packaging needs. The best way to understand this is to see it in action – as we have demonstrated in these informative videos.

As leaders in professional packaging, we are proud of the hardworking machines we send to each and every customer. These videos are designed to showcase this clearly, explaining the level of human interaction required along with its ability to adapt wrapping speeds and dimensions accordingly. They are filmed using frequently asked questions and queries, in an attempt to cover all aspects in full.

Take a moment to browse our demonstrative videos here today. If you have any questions and queries, our helpful and expert team are always on hand to assist. With a wealth of knowledge and skill, they can provide advice to help you make an informed decision on the best solution for your business.

Atis 90

Watch the Kingfisher Atis 90 Spiral Wrapping Machine in full working action with our demonstrative video. Allow us to show you just how quickly it can be programmed to professionally wrap a range of different products. This short video provides a detailed overview, including information about the range of optional extras available.

Atis 90 wrapping Coils & Round Products

Got an unusually shaped product? Watch at the Atis 90 professionally and swiftly wraps coils and other round products with ease in this short video. Our machines are fully programmable, making them the perfect option for a range of different businesses and industries. See it in full action here today.

Atis 90 wrapping Random Sized Products

Whether bulky, slim, round or unusual, the Atis 90 can wrap a range of products with ease. Watch our informative video to see it at work, effortlessly making its way through a range of different sized and shaped products without fuss. Learn how this professional wrapping machine can improve the efficiency of your production line.