Learn everything you need to know about the Kingfisher Atis 50 Spiral Wrapping Machine with our range of informative videos. These informative short videos have been designed to answer your questions and queries surrounding our impressive machines. In each one, our expert team clearly demonstrate the functionality and practicality of the Atis 50 to it’s fullest – providing you with a clear step-by-step view into how it works.

Our videos are filmed with customers in mind – providing an insight into how this wrapping machine can be integrated into your production line. Fully versatile, the Atis 50 is a customisable machine, able to wrap a range of products including mouldings and UPVC profiles. We demonstrate this below along with showcasing the professional finish some of our other packaging products can produce.

Alongside this, our videos demonstrate the way that specific optional extras can be chosen to suit your working environment. Our aim at Kingfisher Packaging is to support all different businesses and we do this by offering flexibility in our machines. The videos show below are filmed to clearly show the ways in which the Atis 50 can produce smart, professional and protected products for shipping.

If you have any questions or queries, please feel free to contact our expert team. As leaders in the field of packaging for businesses, we have a wealth of knowledge and advice to pass on. Let us help you to decide whether the Atis 50 Spiral Wrapping Machine is the right choice for you.

Atis 50

Learn everything you need to know about the Kingfisher Atis 50 Spiral Wrapping Machine with this informative video. See how quickly this professional machine is able to wrap and protect a range of different products with ease. Suitable for a range of different businesses discover more here today.

Atis 50 with Fully Automatic Conveyor Loading & Unloading System

Watch how the Atis 50 fitted with a fully automatic conveyor system can help to improve efficiency in any business. Taking the labour out of loading and unloading, this handy optional extra can be fitted to your existing machine, incorporating it into your warehouse process. See more here today.

Atis 50 applying Film Bands to PVC Profiles

See how the Atis 50 can quickly and professionally apply film bands to longer items such as PVC profiles. This reduces the need for bulk film storage while still providing security and professional packaging during transportation. Find out how this process can help to improve efficiency in your business here.

Atis 50 wrapping Chicken Wire Roll

Watch how quickly and efficiently the Atis 50 wraps awkwardly shaped products, including this roll of chicken wire. In no time, this large roll is packaged safely in high-tensile film and ready for shipping out to the customer. Discover how versatile this professional packaging system can be with this informative video today.