When it comes to professional packaging solutions for large items, the Kingfisher Atis 250 Automatic Spiral Wrapping Machine is the only choice. Built to last and with a host of customisable optional extras, it can be manufactured to suit the specific needs of your business. Here, we explore this functional machine through a selection of informative and demonstrative videos. Our on-site experts show the speed and effectiveness of the 250 by performing a range of wrapping procedures on different shaped and sized products.

Alongside the standard machine, the Atis 250 is available with a range of add-on features. Including adjustable conveyor heights through to a bubble wrap dispenser, we have designed these extras to further heighten it’s performance. For businesses located further away from our showroom, these videos give us the opportunity to demonstrate their effectiveness. Browse through and watch this impressive machine deal with products including window frames with ease and professionalism.

Here at Kingfisher Packaging, we pride ourselves in being industry leaders in professional packaging. Our products are designed and manufactured to solve problems by speeding up the final stage of your production line. They allow you to minimise workforce numbers, cutting back on excess costs and ensuring a professional wrap every single time. When it comes to growing and expanding your business, our high-quality products are the ideal way to take your next step forward.

If you have any further questions or queries after watching these informative videos, please contact our friendly, expert team. We’re always here to help with advice and recommendations.

Atis 250 with Adjustable Conveyer Height wrapping Window Frames

For products of varying shapes and sizes, the Kingfisher Atis 250 can be combined with our Adjustable Conveyor Height optional extra. This automatically alters the height in which the product passes through the spiral - ensuring the perfect wrap every single time. Watch this video to see it in full, working action.

Atis 250 with Bubble Dispenser

Applying an additional level of protection to your products before wrapping is swift and easy with our Bubble Dispenser. Watch this informative video to see how smoothly the Kingfisher Atis 250 deals with this requirement, using automatic conveyor belts to pass the product through the entire packaging line.