Learn how the Kingfisher Atis 125 Spiral Wrapping Machine could help your business today with our collection of demonstrative videos. Here, we show just how easy this versatile machine is to use for all skill levels. This offers a level of confidence for any business and one that could help improve efficiency in no time. Alongside this, we use these videos to show how easily the Atis 125 can fit within warehouse spaces – being large enough to perform a professional job without taking over your working area.

Throughout the videos, you will discover a wealth of knowledge. Watch as the Atis 125 wraps a range of irregular products – demonstrating just how versatile and functional this machine could be regardless of your offering. In addition, we have asked our team to show how different optional extras can be added on to improve speed and productiveness. As leaders in the field of professional packaging, we design and manufacture our machines to match the needs of our customers. In showcasing their functionality, we hope to open your eyes to just how successful they could be within your own environment.

Our videos are filmed to answer the most commonly asked questions and queries. However, if you still require further assistance, feel free to contact our expert and friendly team. We have a wealth of knowledge that can help us point you in the right direction and ensure you find the right machine for your business. Browse our videos online here today and learn everything about the Atis 125.

Atis 125

Our short video demonstrates just how effective the Kingfisher Atis 125 Spiral Wrapping Machine could be for your business. Watch as it quickly and professionally wraps a range of products, with minimal human interaction and impressive speeds. Designed to suit many different industries, learn more here today.

Atis 125 with Powered Short Products Bridge

Suitable for many different businesses, the Atis 125 can be fitted with a powered short products bridge. See the machine in action here, allowing longer products to be wrapped fully without interruption. Our short video clearly demonstrates how seamlessly this add-on can be integrated into your machine.

Atis 125 wrapping Irregular Products to Pallet

Watch as the Atis 125 deals with irregularly shaped packages with absolute ease. The customisable machine is able to adapt wrapping speeds and dimensions in seconds - making it ideal for businesses with a large product offering. See how this machine could help to improve efficiency for you here today.

Atis 125 wrapping Tyres

For automobile companies and businesses, the Atis 125 can professionally package bulky tyres with ease. Watch our video and discover just how easy it can be programmed to take over this laborious task and produce a smart result every single time. Watch our video today or contact us for more information.