The Artemis 50 Semi-Automatic Orbital Wrapping Machine has been designed to improve and speed up the final stage of your production line. Suitable for a range of different businesses, discover the full extent of its functions and features here with our informative videos. We have designed these shorter snippets to help us showcase all of the Artemis 50’s benefits – from the small footprint through to the speed and professionalism of every single wrap.

Watch as members of our Kingfisher Packaging team show just how easy this machine is to programme, run and personalise. Designed to reduce your workforce and automate the process as much as possible, it uses fully automated technology to apply a tightly fitting and protective layer of high-tensile film to your product. With a simple-to-use interface and control panel, it slips in with your existing set-up to help increase packing speeds and boost efficiency.

Here at Kingfisher Packaging, we are proud to be one of the markets leading in packaging solutions for all manner of clients. The Artemis 50 is just one of the quality products we provide to our customers, ensuring that your business is able to achieve the results it expects with machines and products that serve time and time again. Our videos help you to experience the productivity and speed of our machines, without needing to leave your office or visit our showroom. Combined with our competitive pricing system and exceptional customer service, we aim to bring information to you in the most convenient manner – ensuring your business can continue growing as you decide on the exact packaging product for you.

Artemis 50 Semi-Automatic

Suitable for wrapping products with a diameter up to 500mm, watch the Artemis 50 Semi-Automatic packaging machine in play with this informative video. Wrap hoses, rings and tyres in minutes and guarantee a professional, smart finish every single time with this professional machine that will revolutionise your packing line.

Artemis 50 Fully-Automatic

For businesses turning over high volume products on a regular basis, the Artemis 50 Fully Automatic packing machine is the ideal choice. Watch here as a member of our expert team leads you through its standard functions and demonstrates how easy it can integrate into your existing packing line today.

Artemis 50 Fully Auto with Extended Rollers for large coils

If larger products are the bread and butter of your business, the Artemis 90 Fully Automatic packaging machine has been designed for you. See our informative video, detailing the machine's different functionalities. Here, we demonstrate the ease and professional finish it can provide to products such as hoses, tyres and window frames.

Artemis 50 wrapping Large Pipe Coil

See the Artemis 50 Semi-Automatic packaging machine at work. In this video, we demonstrate how effective this professional machine is at wrapping a large pipe coil. Reducing the workload and protectively wrapping the product ready for shipping, this machine integrates seamlessly into your existing packing line. Learn more here.

Artemis 50 wrapping Coil

In this video, we demonstrate the speed and professional finish you could achieve by introducing the Artemis 50 into your packing line. Watch as the machine swiftly wraps a large coil with high-tensile film - providing a protective and neat finished product for your customers. See it at work here today.