The Omegatech Cyborg PW 850 Robotic Pallet Wrapping Machine is swiftly becoming a popular item for businesses of all shapes and sizes. The innovative design is compact while still providing the professionalism that you need to ensure business growth. See how effectively it is able to wrap a number of different shaped and sized pallet orders in our information videos.

Through these short videos, we aim to visually demonstrate the effectiveness of the Cyborg. With both automatic and semi-automatic function, this easy-to-use pallet wrapping machine can be programmed to independently apply a high tensile wrap to any sized pallet. The independent programmable function and heightened safety features work to reduce the risk of injury by removing workers from the equation.

Not only does it provide a smart and professional finish, but it can also be adjusted to suit your individual needs. Whether you provide larger items, such as furniture, or specialise in a more compact product like a tyre, the Cyborg PW 850 can be programmed to fit your requirements. Watch our demonstrative video and see the machine in action, effectively reducing the risk for human error and adjusting to wrap pallets of all different dimensions.

Here at Kingfisher Packaging, we pride ourselves in being industry leaders. Our portfolio of professional wrapping machines and products are each designed to withstand the demands of a modern-day business. They improve the effectiveness and productiveness of your packaging line while ensuring your product arrives at the customers in pristine condition.

Watch the video below or contact us today for more information.