The OmegatechⓇ Dart Mobile Pallet Wrapping Machine is a compact and effective tool for any workplace. Along with the other lines available here at Kingfisher Packaging, it has been designed to achieve the most professional results with limited labour. If your business deals with large pallet-loaded shipments on a regular basis, this machine could be the answer to all of your packing needs.

The upright, manual design allows the Dart to be manoeuvred by a single person in a risk-free manner and you can take the machine to the pallets, saving time and double-handling in the warehouse. This reduces the need for excessive workforce numbers and ensures a well-maintained finish. The machine itself has a slim, compact design which works well in small warehouses and allows it to pass through limited gaps like doorways and under mezzanine floors with ease. In addition, it can be stored when not in use and rolled out easily during your next packaging session.

Four manoeuvrable wheels enable it to circle large pallets while the carriage wrapping height is controlled through the use of simple levers and geared wheels. With taller pallet stacks, this allows you to adjust the wrapping capabilities to suit your needs. Alongside this, the machine is also capable of wrapping pallets right down to the bottom. An essential when it comes to product protection and pallet stability. This flexibility with film wrapping also strengthens the stack and allows you to package more on to your pallets each time.

It has a fast loading and easy film tension control system is compatible with all standard machine film cores. Simply load with your chosen OmegatechⓇ hi-strength film, fix and continue with your packaging project.

Watch the video below as we demonstrate just how effective the OmegatechⓇ Dart Mobile Pallet Wrapping Machine works or contact us today for more information.