Packaging plays a vital role in your business. By capturing the attention of potential customers, it gives you an edge over the competition. And, as consumers ourselves, we’re exposed to all types of packaging on a daily basis. So, what are the main functions of packaging? And what should your business be focusing on when planning, designing and distributing products to your customers? Here, we’ll bring you a 4-point checklist with the key pointers to consider.

Packaging that helps to protect a product

During storage, shipment or even display, packaging is there for protection. It needs to minimise the risk of breakages, offering padding during transit. Equally, the right packaging solution will offer a layer of protection from dirt, dampness and other potentially damaging factors. Some products are sensitive to light and temperature. Therefore, the right packaging needs to maintain optional environments and deliver the product to a consumer in perfect condition.

Packaging that offers a level of convenience

The packaging you design should be convenient for the consumer. For example, if they’ve ordered a selection of skincare products, the packaging sent should allow these to be stored or transported together. Other products need to be stored in a certain way, including bottled liquids. Packaging should offer a safe, reliable and tested way in which to do this in order to build strong brand loyalty with your customers.

Create packaging that helps identify a product

Perhaps your product portfolio is expansive or maybe you have one, focus hero product. Either way, your packaging should be used to quickly and easily identify what is inside. The shape of the box, the colour and even the padding inside tell a story about the product a customer has chosen to purchase. This could be through the streamlined use of marketing collateral or simply by ensuring consistency in every piece of customer-facing collateral your business produces. However, they may be times when you don’t want the packing to identify the products inside. Alcohol, jewellery and other high value or desirable products are sometimes a very tempting target for opportunist thief and therefore, plain unbranded packaging could be the answer to making sure your parcels arrive safely and securely. Our team of experts are on hand to discuss your requirements today.

Packaging should promote your product

Finally but by no means least, the packaging you choose should promote the product inside. Packaging is one of the first opportunities to engage with customers and encourage them to choose your business over the competition. It should sit inline with other marketing collateral and be in-keeping with your overall corporate image. The font, images and colours chosen should all evoke emotion and encourage people to purchase. And, for many businesses, their packaging is just as alluring as the product inside.

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