In recent years, more companies and manufacturers around the world have become much more conscious about the effects of their operations on the environment. The green movement has become much more prominent as consumers are beginning to seek out products that are more eco-friendly. Packaging, in particular, has become an area of concern. Here is a look at the benefits of environmentally-friendly packaging.

Reducing weight

Lightweighting is a term that has been used more and more in the manufacturing industry in recent years. More companies have begun to cut down on the amount of material they use for packaging products. Thinner plastic bottles, for example, can help reduce the amount of waste produced and make recycling easier. In addition to impacting the environment less, lighter packaging can also drastically decrease transport costs for companies around the world. This is one of the core elements behind Kingfisher Packaging.

Using recycled material

One of the biggest problems facing the environment is the constant supply of waste products which are filling up landfill sites. Although more is now being done to recycle waste materials, it is difficult to make a real dent when more materials are constantly being thrown away. Using recycled materials to make packaging is a great way to reduce the amount waste and won’t reduce the quality of the finished product. Many governments are now also offering incentives for companies that use recycled materials.

Smart Sourcing

The reason that many large companies have such large carbon footprints is due to the fact that their products, parts, packaging and other items are sourced from areas all over the world which means a lot of fuel is used in transportation. If more time is spent considering other sources that maybe supply the products with a lower carbon footprint, this could help to reduce the effect on the planet. It will also decrease transport costs and improve efficiency.

Using natural materials

Another popular trend amongst manufacturers in recent years has been a shift towards the use of natural material for their packaging. Switching out plastic for paper is a great way to improve the recyclability of your packaging and will result in less waste going to landfills. Also, using inks made from food proteins instead of harsh chemicals is much more eco-friendly. An added benefit of these ideas is that there is a growing market for them and they can be used as part of a marketing campaign.