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  • Strap Text

    Plastic Strapping

    Tenso polypropylene strapping is lightweight and flexible, making it easy to apply to a range of goods. The high strength of Tenso strapping makes it suitable for a wide variety of applications and is available in hand or machine rolls.

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  • Pallet Strapping

    Extruded Polyester Strapping

    Tornado extruded polyester strapping provides a safe alternative to steel strapping but is still has a very high break strain. It is safer to handle than steel strapping and reduces the risk of cutting into the load.


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  • Metal Strapping

    Metal Strapping

    Taurex steel strapping is the strongest strapping available with a high breaking strain, perfect for heavy goods and products with sharp or awkward angles like timber, bricks or metal. We have varying widths of strapping so please do discuss your requirements with the team.

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