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Corrugated Paper Rolls

  • Actus Premium Protective Cardboard Layer Board

    Actuspack Protective Pallet Layer Boards

    These boards are simply placed on top of a pallet before loading and then interleaved between each layer of boxes as the pallet is loaded. This helps to protect and lock the goods together on the pallet.

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  • VORAÜS. Roll Dispenser Stand with Cutters for Poly & Paper - VOR452

    VORAÜS. Roll Dispenser Stands & Cutters

    With many packaging materials being supplied in large, bulky rolls, the Voraüs range of roll dispenser stands and cutters help to increase efficiency and output in the packing room.

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  • Corrugated Paper Rolls

    This corrugated cardboard on the roll is an excellent cushioning and protective medium. Ecorap also gives excellent results when used for wrapping, interleaving, bracing and a whole host of other uses.

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