Packaging and digital marketing – can these two aspects of business go hand in hand? We’re here to say yes. With a world that is constantly reliant on the spread of fast information and accessibility, digital marketing has become vital to corporate success. Equally, the same can be said for packaging. So, how can the right packaging design help support your marketing activity?

Our obsession with social media

There are very few people in the world who aren’t on some form of social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Youtube – million dollar companies that entice potential customers on to them every single day. For many companies, social media plays a vital role in digital marketing efforts and is one of the most cost-effective ways of getting a product out there fast.

If you do any research on succeeding on social media, a key important factor has to be visuals. Platforms such as Instagram and Youtube rely heavily on beautiful photos and videos. And the UK market is just as obsessed with the beauty of a product’s packaging as they are with the finished product. It should tell your brand story visually, focusing on colours that are synonymous with corporate image and visuals that spark emotion.

Focusing on creating beautiful, unique and eye-catching packaging designs could mean the difference between someone sharing a photograph of your product or that of your competitor.

Expand marketing reach

Merging together digital marketing and product design allows you to reach a larger audience. Advertising options online are highly targeted and give you the opportunity to really drill down who you’re marketing to. And having packaging that is eye-catching and alluring for these individuals increases the chance your business will be remembered.

Action points

For businesses that thrive online, their online community is key. You want to build strong, authentic relationships with your customers that aren’t solely based on sales. With over 1 billion people on Facebook and the same number on Instagram, it’s a no brainer that social media should be implemented into your strategy. Combining this potential reach with engaging package design provides you with a thriving platform from which to grow your business. Consider implementing interactive packaging strategies that merge design with online engagement. Incorporate hashtags into your design and encourage customers to utilise them online. Host competitions that are promoted through your packaging but hosted in your digital space. The possibilities are endless and the rewards can be significant.

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