The design of a piece of packaging contributes to the overall effectiveness, usability, marketability and safety of the product concerned. Whether the product is fit for purpose, can be safely transported and easily and efficiently stored all depends on the packaging design. If your products have had the same look for a while or, if you’re finding that your sales performance isn’t as strong as it should be, it could be time to consider a packaging revamp.

Out of date packaging

It’s essential that packaging remains up-to-date, not just for the benefit of the end user but for your own logistical convenience.

In addition to being factually or visually out of date, it could be that your packaging may not stand up to modern fast paced parcel and pallet networks. As a consequence, you may not be realising the cost savings that could be made by a packaging redesign. If others in your industry have moved with the times and updated the look and feel of their packaging, either in terms of materials, dimensions or design used and you haven’t, it is definitely time to consider a redesign.

Material advances

Technology moves at a lightning pace and while it can be hard to keep up, these innovations can have a substantial impact on how cost effect and eco-conscious your packaging is. If a new development can make your packaging more efficient, cheaper or more sustainable, it’s well worth investigating a redesign.

Damages and flaws

It’s important to regularly examine your packaging to ensure that it is reliable, accessible, and suits the needs of the customers. There may be flaws in the design of the product that will not only determine how the packaging looks, but also how effective the packaging performs which only become apparent after a period of time. Frequent customer complaints or too high a rate of loss due to damage or returns are a sure sign that you need to go back to the drawing board.


Space is always at a premium and as the cost of storing products at warehouses or shipping facilities increases, the price of bulky or outdated packaging really begins to hit home. If it’s been a while since you seriously assessed how streamlined your packaging is, both in terms of space taken up and volume of wasted materials, there could be serious cash incentives for a redesign.