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We propose a flat pack standardised cardboard coffin and specialised wrapping machine as shown in the video which resolves many of the issues surrounding the care and expeditious removal of COVID19 deceased from a hospital with less handling, full dignity and care for the environment, all at a greatly reduced cost.

  • This system reduces the number of fully protected staff needed to move and handle COVID19 hospital bed deceased by a standard level transfer onto flat coffin tray and an easily assembled coffin which does not involve handling the deceased again once they are on the tray.
  • The standardised coffin size with internal dimensions of 2m x 610mm x 500mm and a strong 18mm wooden base board is strong and large enough for nearly all victims.
  • The loaded coffin is safely enclosed in polythene by the 240v wrapping machine by unskilled labour, both sealing the coffin and covering the cardboard (which may have been touched by those handling the COVID19 deceased) in a layer of polythene.
  • The semi automatic machine can safely wrap in excess of 100 coffins per hour and the sealed wrapped coffins can be transported direct to the burial ground or the crematorium, reducing the need for chilled storage.
  • Wrapped coffins meet strict burial and crematorium requirements and are suitable for chilled storage should this be needed. Should an undertaker later wish to transfer the deceased to another coffin at a later date this is a simple matter.
  • Additionally, for those funding coffins, due to economies of scale on a large standardised size, this dignified and eco-friendly coffin is much cheaper than any other coffin on the market.

On infection control, if the wrapping point is at a division of the infection control zones, the sealed wrapped coffin may be able to be handled post wrapping with reduced PPE.

In order to assist the Government at this time of need, we suggest we donate the wrapping machine free of charge for the duration of the pandemic, subject to an order for these unique cardboard coffins which reduce manual handling and infection risks at every stage.

Timescales: These wrapping machines are available from stock in our works in Taunton in the UK. The cardboard coffins can be delivered within a few days, as we have extensive stocks of raw board ready for this.

We look forward to hearing from you if this donation could be of assistance. In the first instance, please contact one of the below:

George Martin:  |  07848 453888
Rod Dummer  |  07342 031366


Click Here to Download this Proposal as a PDF.




Please view this 4-minute explainer video of the process.

We apologise for the quickly produced video including hand sketches. A professionally filmed video with animated graphics can be supplied once the crisis is over.