As a society, we are becoming more and more aware of how our food is produced. The rise in technology now allows us to track certain foods from source, right to our plates. With this knowledge, comes a desire to improve and take responsibility for the products we buy and the businesses we support. Organic food is one such market that flourishes as a result. According to an article in Packaging News, this market is set to rise by around 14.5% by 2024. Therefore, as an organic food company, it is important you understand how your packaging solutions can benefit the success of your business.

Our obsession with organic

In 2017, over 90% of customers chose to purchase organic produce. According to the article mentioned above, 55% of consumers are heavily influenced by the use of organic labels – particularly when shopping in the fresh foods aisle. So, it stands to reason that when we purchase food deemed to be healthy, clean and better for the environment, we expect the entirety of our purchase to play a similar role.

Organic food packaging

Protecting our planet not only comes from the food we consume but also the waste we produce. Those keen on following the organic trend are likely to have an overriding dedication to protecting our planet and minimising waste. And, as an organic food business, this is a consideration you’ll need to take seriously.


Recyclable and sustainable materials should be at the forefront of your packaging design. Many businesses opt for traditional staples which can be recycled again and again. Metal, such as in cans or pots, can be melted down and reused. This reduces the need for raw materials, minimises energy usable and helps to effectively reduce C02 emissions. Equally, glass also offers a practical alternative to more harmful options such as plastics.

Maintain product quality

Organic food businesses need to consider, not only the environmental factors of their packaging but also practicality. Are they able to maintain the product’s quality before purchase? For example, when sealed cans feature a seal which locks out light and oxygen. This prevents the product from degrading and maintains the nutritious content for longer in comparison to simply refrigeration.

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