There are many things that you can do as a business owner to improve performance and productivity. If you sell products, have you ever thought about how switching your packaging can increase employee productivity? Enhancing customer relationships is at the core of improving employee productivity. The more positive the feedback from customers, the more employees strive to get orders right, take more pride in their work and go the extra mile. But how can you achieve this with simple changes to your packaging?

Your staff need a high quality space to work in. When you switch up your packaging, systems and processes should be reviewed, ensuring that employees have an ergonomic workstation which is designed to make it easy to do their job. The more valued employees feel, the better quality work they will produce which creates happy customers.

Refine your packaging, focus on your main products and review your list of packaging materials. Do you regularly purchase several different types of packaging such as packets or boxes? Reviewing the way your products are packaged can help make the process simpler, reduce errors, increase productivity due to less time spent on inventory and reduced costs in terms of packaging. Focusing your efforts on one or two packaging types can enhance its quality while creating an impression of a more luxurious product for your customers. This only increases customer satisfaction.

Cost savings can also be achieved by reviewing your packaging. This can be either due to streamlining existing types of packaging or encouraging employees to work in a different way to cut down on wastage. Switching up your packaging can also eliminate certain tasks, making the process quicker and more cost effective. Resource savings can be made in so many different areas with effective planning of how you package products.

As a business owner you should always focus on quality and it’s the little details that make all the difference. Boosting employee productivity is so much more than looking at systems and processes. It is about making them feel valued, encouraging them to enjoy their work and giving them more choice and options to be creative with their designs in terms of how they present products and merchandise. The happier employees are, the better the quality of the work they produce which enhances customer satisfaction, boosting morale and creating a pleasant and exciting working environment.