Dear Valued Customer

Kingfisher Packaging – Brexit Preparations for end of Transition Period


Kingfisher Packaging have conducted a strategic review of the potential impacts of Brexit in each of the following areas:

  • Potential supply chain disruption including changes to manufacturing lead times and the vulnerabilities of suppliers post Brexit
  • Changes to the customs procedures for both exports and imports
  • New tariffs and taxes
  • Changes to common standards and regulations
  • Effects of currency fluctuations and potential increased cost of manufacture, transport and storage
  • Potential increased transportation costs due to possible delays at borders
  • Effect on the company’s operations caused by changes to the rights of EU citizens in living and working in the UK

We have formulated a Brexit action plan from the above assessment, and have drawn up measures to overcome potential impacts. Increased costs are outside of our control, but we will do everything we can to reduce any possible negative impact.

We have a team working on implementing these measures, and are regularly reviewing our plans as new Brexit details are announced.

We hold large stocks, and are increasing our stockholding over the next couple of months. Our priority is to ensure that Kingfisher Packaging will still reliably deliver our quality goods and service to you.

We appreciate and thank you for your custom and look forward to working together through this time.

Yours sincerely


Dave Tallamy



General Manager