Depending on your budget, packaging affords businesses the opportunity to personalise their product. The retail market is saturated with products continually competing for business and the way your product looks on a shelf or online can stand you in higher innings. When designing your packaging, it’s important to ensure it fits with the business persona. But, do you need to fully brand your packaging? Or could plain work just as well? Today’s blog will explore this in further detail.

What is branded and plain packaging?

Plain packaging includes everything from cardboard boxes, pallet wrap and paper tape which has no design on it. You still have the many options to choose from, which are held as stock line and multiple products are often used together to create and neat and secure pack to protect your goods. In comparison, branded packaging is bespoke made items, customised with your branding, instructions and or designs to give a unique look and feel to every package. Be it boxes, pallet wrap, tape, strapping, filling & wrapping papers or any other packaging material, there is a vast array of different options to explore. Printed with your logo, corporate visual, made to a specific design or to fit around the product, or to match a specific CMYK/Pantone colour reference, you can really create an impression with every package.

Why should I choose plain packaging?

For smaller businesses or those looking to stick to a minimalist look, plain packaging may be the more suitable option. It is cost-effective with no additional printing charges, which ideals because as companies grow, things change rapidly and this allows you more flexibility with packaging methods. Also, more expensive products such as alcoholic drinks and jewellery are sometimes shipped in plain packaging to prevent the chance of pilferage during transport. Equally, if your business is considering rebranding or hasn’t drilled down on its corporate image yet, plain packaging is highly effective. Many businesses start out using plain packaging before moving on as their business expands. Often, printed labels are used as an effective way of adding branding, as a stepping stone toward full custom packaging.

Why should I choose branded packaging?

If you want to take your marketing efforts to the next level, branded packaging is the right option. Whether just a logo or a fully custom-made order, personalising your packaging design shows attention to detail with the end client. The right packaging helps to create a positive impression that reflects, not just on to the business but also the purchaser, even before it has been opened. It also shows a degree of care from the business, showing customers that you value their experience and helping to build brand loyalty.
For businesses in saturated markets, branded packaging allows you to stand out against the competition. It creates a sense of pride in a purchase and helps customers identify when their order has arrived.

So, branded or plain?

Plain packaging is a viable option for smaller businesses, those still developing their branding or anyone looking for an even more cost-effective solution. However, to create a truly personalised customer experience, branded packaging offers so much more.

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