A good business always puts its customers first. Not only does it address a specific need in the marketplace with products to solve problems, the entire customer journey from the first contact they have with your company through to receiving their order and beyond has to be delivered with precision. Brands that succeed get this right. It’s about making customers feel special and valued. So how can you do this in your business and more specifically, with packaging?

When your customers receive their order, they will form an immediate impression of you as a business and very quickly form a subconscious opinion about your company. Packaging can be one of the best ways that you can create an excellent first impression. Taking care over the choice of materials, the design and how products are presented can really make all the difference.

Handwritten notes are great personal touches. It not only shows that you care about them as a customer, but it also establishes an excellent foundation for an ongoing relationship with them and defines the standards that you have as a business.

You could also package your products in such a way that communicates your core messages and values. If you are an environmentally friendly or natural product based business, you will want your packaging to reflect this.

Creating a memorable custom packaging experience can also add personal touches to your order. What types of packaging will you need, – a box, bag, wallet or something else? Wrap your products in tissue paper, branded if you can and then include filler materials such as paper void fill, air pillows or bubble wrap. Consider printing stickers and securing the tissue paper with a branded or personalised sticker and don’t forget to include your promotional material or relevant products offers.

Taking it a step further, you could personalise the packaging for each customer, or offer custom printed boxes. Taking the time to pay attention to the packaging, how the products fit, the quality of the boxes and packaging materials can really leave an excellent impression of your company. With so many “unboxing” videos on Youtube getting millions of views every week, can you afford to give any of your customers a negative experience.

Free samples are also a great way to add a personal touch. Based on the customers current or past purchase history you could include a small sample of something you think they would like. It is also a great way to introduce customers to new products too.

Quality and tailored shopping experiences are what today’s customers are looking for. What ideas do you have to give your orders the personal touch?