Watch our informative videos here today to discover how the Kingfisher Atis 160 packaging machine could assist your business today. These informative videos are designed to answer a range of different questions. They offer a visual demonstration of just how easy the Atis 160 is to work and programme. Our machines are manufactured for the convenience of our customers, aiming to improve speed and efficiency in your production line. Here, our videos demonstrate this perfectly, along with a range of other important information.

See how a range of different optional extras can be added to your machine. Each of these has been designed and manufactured to support the work of your business. They allow you to customise the 125 to your specific requirements, thereby allowing it to slip easily into your current set-up. Everything from our automatic product bearers dispenser through to forklift loading conveyors are there to support you at every stage of your production line. We demonstrate all of this in our videos, allowing our expert team to show you just how effectively they can transform our basic machine.

Take a browse through our videos and watch as the Atis 125 fires into action. If you have additional questions or queries afterwards, our friendly and expert team are always on hand to help. As leaders in the world of professional packaging, we have a wealth of knowledge, allowing us to offer advice and recommendations to our customers. Discover how the Kingfisher Atis wrapping machine can improve your businesses progress here.

Atis 160 with Automatic Product Bearers Dispenser

Providing additional strength during shipping, see how the Atis 160 can be combined with our Automatic Product Bearers Dispenser. Each bearer provides additional support and stabilisation for your product - ensuring it stays the right way up and is permanently raised off the ground. Watch our demonstrative video here today.

Atis 160 with Forklift Loading Driven Conveyors

For larger scale businesses, the Kingfisher Atis 160 can be customised to integrate into your existing forklift requirements. Watch our informative video where we demonstrate how effective it can be to seamlessly blend your packaging requirements with transportation processes. Discover a professional wrapping machine for your business here today.

Atis 160 with Manual Bubble Wrap Dispenser

The Manual Bubble Wrap Dispenser is a practical optional extra for the Kingfisher Atis 160 and provides an added layer of protection for your products. See this demonstrative video where we show just how easily it can be integrated into the design. Ideal for businesses with delicate products, learn more here.

Atis 160 wrapping with Printed Film

The Atis 160 is the perfect tool for improving brand awareness when paired with our high-tensile printed film. Customise your wrapping resources with your signature logo, company ethos statement or additional branding that helps you stand out from the crowd. Watch the Atis 160 apply printed film in this video.