Omegatech® PW 1250 Power Pre-Stretch Pallet Wrapping Machine

Omegatech® power pre-stretch pallet wrapping machines are perfect to achieve the optimum wrap every time.

  • Fully programmable to accommodate your exact wrapping needs to increase your packing efficiency
  • Ideal for wrapping light or fragile products due to very light lay-on force.
  • Heavy-duty construction to stand up to the rigours of British industry.
  • Specifically designed to meet UK H&S requirements for optimum user safety.

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pallet wrapping machine

Power Pre-Stretch Pallet Wrapping Machine



Omegatech® PW 1250 Power Pre-Stretch Pallet Wrapping Machine


Achieve the optimum wrap every time with this high performance machine.

The Omegatech PW 1250 power pre-stretch machine consistently wraps pallets in an efficient manner, stretching the film as it passes through the carriage rollers, dramatically reducing film usage without compromising pallet stability.


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Increase efficiency and film yield due to powered rollers stretching the film before it is applied to the
pallets, reducing the amount of pallet wrap used.


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Ideal for wrapping lightweight products or bulky items as the film requires very little lay-on tension,
reducing the risk of the pallets toppling whilst being wrapped.


Yellow Tick1650mm diameter turntable takes standard UK and Euro pallets, wrapping up to 2400mm high with
custom diameter and wrapping height also available.


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Designed specifically for the UK industry, meeting all the Health & Safety requirements and supplied with a standard single phase 240 volt plug.



Omegatech® PW 1250 Benefits

Omegatech® PW 1250 Power Pre-Stretch Pallet Wrapper is the perfect solution to help you speed up your wrapping process. It ensures that your products are wrapped safely and consistently to the pallet whilst protecting your staff from back injuries, saving you money and time.
Heavy Duty ConstructionSteel construction to endure the rigours of British industry including 10mm thick turntable
1650mm Diameter TurntableSuitable for standard UK and Euro size pallets
Meets UK H&S RequirementsSpecially designed with a 500mm gap between mast and turntable to reduce hazards. Cut-out sensors for user safety
Adjustable Turntable SpeedSet your optimum speed
Adjustable Film Carriage SpeedAchieve the optimum cost-effective and secure wrap
Soft Start and Stop with Indexed TurntableEnsures safe wrapping of unstable loads. Pallet stops in the same position as it started the cycle from
Programmable Wrap CyclesSet the number of top and bottom wraps to suit your needs
Password ProtectedPrevents untrained personnel operating the machine
Photocell Eye Height DetectionAccommodates random height pallets
Access to Yield DataRecords and stores all the data you need about how many wrap cycles the machine has done
Single Phase 240vPlug in and go!
Front and Rear Forklift EntryEasy to safely install and relocate if required


 Description Code
 Omegatech PW 1250 Power Pre-Stretch Pallet Wrapping Machine OMPW1250
 PW 1000 Pallet Truck Access Ramp OMPWRAMP
 Omegatech TS 3700 Top Sheet Dispenser OMTSD1